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Why use us for ADR?

ADR is the movement of dangerous goods by road. Below is the key reasons to use us

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Company Knowledge

Within the industry, we at Prigmore Haulage Ltd are renowned for our knowledge and expertise when it comes to hauling and distributing hazardous materials. Our company is fully equipped and accredited for the handling of hazardous goods and chemicals and our ADR equipped vehicles are capable of transporting a wide range of goods. (Excluding Radioactive, Explosives and High Consequence Dangerous Goods.)


Professionally Trained

With our in house training center that has been approved by the SQA and DVLA all our drivers are trained by us! This provides them with first had knowledge on how we as a company carry your goods. Not only are our drivers trained but our office staff are trained to the highest level to fully understand your requirements.


In House DGSA

Here at Prigmore Haulage we have a full time DGSA that works not just for us but also can offer their services to our customers. This further enforces our knowledge to ensure we offer the best and safest option for moving your products.

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