The Vertically Hinged Aluminium Folding Orange ADR Plate is a hinged sign with the mandatory 15mm black border which must be displayed at the front and rear of any vehicle carrying dangerous goods. The sign has the ability to fold flat when not needed or when the vehicle is carrying limited quantities.

Orange ADR Hazchem plate made from aluminium to eliminate rust issues. It has a vertical hinge so that it may be folded up when hazardous goods are not being transported and two toggle turn clips to hold the plate in either the closed or open position. The 300 x 400mm ADR plate is to be mounted in accordance with the ADR legislation – one at both the front and rear of the vehicle in landscape orientation and in a vertical plane. The orange is the appropriate specification reflective and the sign/placard has the mandatory black border.




  • 400mm wide x 300mm high (15.7 inches x 12inches)
  • Aluminium
  • Mandatory Hazchem ADR plate for front and rear of any ADR vehicle
  • Easily secured either open or closed by simple turn catch
  • Reflective orange with a black border

Vertically Hinged Folding Aluminium Hazchem Plate

SKU: VS0040