UN Hazard Warning Diamond Class 8 Corrosive Substances



Under ADR a hazard warning placard must be 250 x 250mm in size. The surrounding black border must be 5mm in width and spaced 12.5mm from the placard edge. Similarly, where a substance is packaged in a quantity greater than its limited quantity a 100 x 100mm UN warning label is required. A label must have a border of thickness no less than 2mm spaced 5mm from the diamond edge.


If signage is of an insufficient standard at the time of an accident consequences could be catastrophic and in some cases life changing. This is why at Hazchem we have put quality control measures in place to ensure that our products are always 100% compliant.


Induvidual S/A Sticker 250 x 250mm:

An individual self adhesive Mark suitable for use on any size vehicle where it is necessary to convey additional information regarding the substance/s being carried. Cut from a tear resistant vinyl with a strong self adhesive backing to the regulation 250 x 250mm dimensions.

UN Hazard Warning Diamond Class 8 - Sticker 250mm x 250mm

SKU: HD2810