This sock offers excellent absorbency in dealing with aggressive fluids as well as general spills. Bright yellow in colour, the socks are highly visible in the workplace environment and can be placed around industrial equipment to prevent drips or leaks from contaminating floor surfaces.

The sock should be included as part of your company′s chemical spill control contingency plan or whenever there is a requirement to tackle spills of an unidentifiable nature.
The pack of socks are packed in a cardboard box or a poly-wrapped bag allowing them to be conveniently placed around the workplace for immediate access and use. The pack has the ability to absorb up to 80 Litres of fluid.




  • Absorbent Capacity: 80L
  • Highly visible


***Also available for oil. Please call for details 01933 651778***

Pack of 10 Chemical Absorbent 8cm x 1.2m (40L) Spill Socks

SKU: SC0630